Scott Kindred(non-registered)
I love the website
I had the privilege of working with Kristie and Daniel for the 2013 Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue Calendar. Kristie and Daniel work so well together. They are calm and patient and very understanding. I think we worked together for an hour and a half or so but it seemed like 20 minutes. What a great team. Thanks for all you do!
Sam and Max
Laura Schooely(non-registered)
You made me cry because I miss Alaska so much. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to view Alaska through your lenses. I miss the pure beauty of Alaska and everything it offers to the people. What a talent you have and the opportunity you have to share that is a blessing. Thank you for sharing your spirit.
Tom Narvaez(non-registered)
Nice and classy. You have taken some really great pictures. You have the unique talent to see and capture things that many of us take for granted because we live here. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. I will also enjoy bragging rights one day when you become world famous. Take care my friend.
vickie combee(non-registered)
Kristie, i love the web site and the music is great
your photo's are beautiful can't wait to see more
love u
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